Kitchens & Bathrooms

NKM have helped to design and install loads of Kitchens and Bathrooms in Merseyside. If you are after a new kitchen then you should get a quote from us. From traditional kitchen styles to modern kitchens we can help you get the kitchen of your dreams. We will come and survey your kitchen space and help you choose the right style for your home. You can have a range of worktops and appliances in your new kitchen from granite worktops to built-in appliances. We also make sure the finishing touches are perfect from the tiling to the sink and taps.

We love installing bathrooms too. If you are looking at a new bathroom then you should speak with us. We have plumbers and tilers that will make sure you get the bathroom that your house deserves.

Contact us today to get your kitchen or bathroom quotation.


The first step we take is to come and survey your existing kitchen and the space available. We can then make a recommendation and plan what your new kitchen could look like. We will take care of everything from tiling and lighting to worktops and appliances. Call NKM today to arrange your kitchen quote.

Take a look at some of our kitchen installations in the gallery below.



If you’re looking for a new kitchen, then NKM are the team for you. We can provide you with the kitchen you dream of.


Give NKM a call if you are looking at a new bathroom. We will make recommendations on what you can do with the space available from bath-styles to the latest in showers, we’ll help you to get the ideal bathroom for you. We take care of everything from the tiling and lighting to the sinks and taps. Call NKM today to get your bathroom quote.

Take a look at some of our bathroom installations in the gallery below.



NKM can give you a great bathroom, from tiling & plumbing to fantastic finishing details like taps and appliances.

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How we work

  • 1. Contact us for a Quote

  • 2. We conduct a survey

  • 3. You Receive a Quote

  • 4. Agree the Plan of Works

  • 5. Enjoy your new home

If you have any questions call us on 01704 651623 or 07830 109407